Lagadapati Rajagopal Prompts Pawan Kalyan to Sit on the FenceA couple of days ago, Janasena President Pawan Kalyan took to Twitter and said that he would reveal his Party Stance on Telangana Elections on 5th evening. When Pawan Kalyan made this announcement, it was clear that TRS is going to be the obvious choice because of the problems he has with TDP and Congress in Andhra Pradesh.

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Pawan Kalyan posted a video on Twitter saying the party supporters to vote for a Government which is more transparent and less corruption but did not name any party. Sources close to Janasena told us that Pawan wanted to support TRS but was taken back after the survey of Lagadapati which gave an edge to Mahakutami.

Pawan Kalyan does not want to risk his credibility by supporting a losing party. Pawan Kalyan is claiming to have played a crucial role in the victory of TDP in 2014 elections. If he happens to support TRS and the party fails, it will dent his image and TDP will also start mocking his role in 2014 victory of TDP. So, he has decided to play save.

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If asking his supporters to vote according to their conscience, Pawan Kalyan need not spell his stance and could not even wait till today for the announcement. So clearly, Pawan Kalyan backed out in the last minute. Whatever may be the reason, Janasena supporters are happy that Pawan Kalyan did not take risk where there are absolutely no stakes for Janasena.

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