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What Is the Film About?

Gargi (Sai Pallavi) is a school teacher. Her father (RS Shivaji) works as a watchman in an apartment. Their life is so peaceful and Gargi was about to get married. But a gang rape happens in the apartment where her father works and turns their lives topsyturvy. He is the fifth accused in the case and is vilified by society and the media. The rest is all about Gargi’s fight to prove her father’s innocence and get him out of jail.


Gargi is predominantly the story of three characters – Gargi played by Sai Pallavi, the lawyer character played by Kaali Venkat, and the father role by RS Sivaji. Even though Sai Pallavi plays the titular character, we should first speak about Kaali Venkat who was seen as an innocent lawyer. He rocked the show with his interesting histrionics.

Sai Pallavi, as always, rocked the show as a dotting daughter who goes to any extent to save her daughter. The first appreciation for her should go for selecting such strong stories and characters. She walked through the character effortlessly. It is a character who never gets to smile and is full of emotions.

RS Shivaji brings the naturality needed for the character of a frail old man in the film. A natural actor like him is very much needed to drive the point home. He pulled it off very well. The lady who played the transgender judge is also good. The rest of the characters do not get much screen space but are fine in whatever they are offered.


Gargi speaks about the sexual exploitation the girls of our society undergo. The novel factor in the story is the need of the hour. It stresses the point that sexual predators can be anyone around us and you can not imagine them to be one until they are caught.

Director Gautham Ramachandran tries to drive the point about how society is so unsafe for girls and how no one can be trusted. Even though some people feel it is an exaggeration while reading this, numerous stories do exist in our daily lives to prove that. One such story is Gargi.

We get to see two tracks of Sai Pallavi in the film. One track deals with the trauma she underwent during her childhood due to a school teacher and the second is that of a dotting daughter. As said earlier, the director picked up a very relevant issue but struggled a bit in execution.

In the first half of the film, the proceedings are slow and predictable. The investigation portions of the daughter do not happen much and they do not move as well. Issues like media trials and public boycotts are relatable but not used effectively. The first half ends on a high note with the courtroom drama. Kaali Venkat rocked the show here. The medicine twist and the dialogue of the transgender judge – I know the arrogance of a man and pain of a woman gives the much-needed high.

The second half again begins on a slow note. The journey of Gargi and the lawyer for a second breakthrough do not happen well. The proceedings test the patience here. But the final twist hits you hard and makes you think.

Gargi is that kind of film which speaks about an issue that is very relevant to our society and is narrated realistically. There are quite a few issues limiting the theatrical experience. But it is important to appreciate the intent and efforts like this.

Music and Other Departments?

The writing is very effective in many places. There are no songs in the film. Govind Vasantha’s background score is excellent and livens the proceedings. It is no exaggeration to say it is one of the best in recent years. The camera work and the production values are good. The Telugu dubbing is good. It is impressive how some shots are used to suit the Telugu nativity.


Hard-Hitting Subject
Kaali Venkat & Sai Pallavi Performances
Final Twist


Slow Pace
Flat Narration for a good part.

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