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Extremely Bland And Dull


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Dhanush - Maran Telugu Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Maaran (Dhanush) is a righteous journalist inspired by his dad. He will only report the truth. It leads to him getting removed from many places.

While the work is on one side, Maaran also has a sister whom he dotes on. One day a shocking incident turns his life upside down. What is it and how Maaran uncovers the truth is the movie’s basic plot.


Dhanush is a terrific actor, but he looks jaded and frankly going through the motions in Maaran. He still has a few sparks here are there, but they are no match to the intensity of some of his best works.

Malavika Mohanan playing the female lead is wasted. It feels like a thankless part in the end as the main focus is somewhere else. Smruthi Venkat has a more significant role compared to Malavika. She is alright playing a one dimensional part.

Director Karthick NarenAnalysis

Karthick Naren directs Maaran. It is a typical sister sentiment drama with an investigative journalism backdrop.

Right from the start until the shocking incident at the interval point, Maaran is awfully banal. The brother and sister sentiment parts look very unnatural and flavour. There is no emotional connection as a result.

The love track of Dhanush is even disastrous. It feels like an add on to the main sister sentiment. That we get such an outdated product from the talented young filmmaker and that it features these good actors is the biggest disappointment.

The second hour takes a thriller turn post the dramatic incident. However, even these portions are executed blandly with no energy and momentum. The police conversation with Maaran is silly and terrible. They have an amateurish vibe all through.

It is only towards the climax and the final ten minutes that we get something engaging in Maaran. The primary twist isn’t entirely unexpected, but the second one leads to a compelling drama. One only wishes there were more of this in the rest of the narrative.

Overall, Maaran is an outdated and utterly bland drama with an investigative journalism background. It’s so bad that even top actors can’t save it from being unwatchable.

Malavika Mohanan - Maran Telugu Movie Review Others?

Ramki in a brief appearance is alright. Samuthirakani hasn’t been this wasted in the recent past. Aadukalam Naren is decent in a forgettable part. The rest of the actors don’t register at all.

Music and Other Departments?

GV Prakash provides the music to the movie. The songs are forgettable, but the background score is alright. Vivekanand Santhosham’s cinematography adds to the overall bland feeling. Prasanna GK’s editing is weak. But, then again one wonders what would be left if he ruthlessly cut the needless parts. The writing is disastrous.


Short Run Time
Few BGM Bits


Outdated Story
Bland Making
No Emotional Connection

Samuthirakani - Maran Telugu Movie ReviewAlternative Take

An expansion of the world with the core plot in sight much earlier and also exploring the journalist side to hero would be an alternate take.

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Maaran Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti