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Bellamkonda-Ganesh-Nenu-Student-Sir-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Subbu Alias Subbarao (Bellamkonda Ganesh) is a student who madly wants an iPhone. He buys one doing odd jobs in his free time. He loses the phone on the very day he purchases it. He decides to get it back at any cost but in the process, finds himself in an unnecessary mess.

Nenu Student Sir has two main characters – Bellamkonda Ganesh and Samuthirakhani. Then, there is Avantika Dasani as the heroine and Sunil, Srikanth Iyengar, and Jabardasth Ram Prasad in other roles.

Ganesh is struck where he was in his first film, Swathimuthyam. He struggles to emote and deliver dialogues. At times, we see a slight smile on his face even in the scenes that are not necessary. His lanky structure also hinders movement and body language in places. The innocent look he naturally has fits the initial portions where he is shown obsessed with an iPhone but even those portions are disappointing due to some mediocre writing. He needs to undergo so much of a grind if at all to make a mark on the audience in his coming outings.

Avanthika Dasani, daughter of Senior actress Bhagyasree makes her Telugu debut with this film. She is a perfect pair in the sense she struggled with basic expressions. For all kinds of emotions, we only get to have an empty staring look. To make it worse, there is no lip sync at all.

Writer-Director Krishna Chaitanya has written Nenu Student Sir. A newcomer Rakhi Uppalapati has directed the film. The promotional content of Nenu Student Sir is completely centered around a missing iPhone leading its owner into deep trouble. The line looks appealing on paper. We expect something to happen on the iPhone which may lead to an exciting thriller. But writer Krishna Chaitanya disappoints. The iPhone thread is just a lead to a different story and the excitement around the iPhone is killed in the first half an hour.

Calling the iPhone as Thammudu and naming it Buchi Babu is the biggest triggering point of an unsettling melodrama. After that portion, we get the relief that the proceedings move to the actual story. But the relief is short-lived. The movie slips into a love track and student politics which are completely lackluster. The love track in particular is completely derailed due to the already-mentioned inadequacies in the lead pair and zero chemistry. The interval bang shows a slight promise.

The entire first half is largely boring with unengaging portions, unnecessary melodrama, and a boring love track. In many thriller films, always there is a chance of redemption in the second half but it is not the case here.

The second half of the film deals with the actual thriller part. The iPhone is gone and the story proceeds to a scam. It does not take much of time to realize it is a gone case. With every scene, we get a feeling that the movie is illogical and boring. The scam part is more of a ‘twist of convenience’. The audience is already tired by then and the story looks like the writer and director ran out of ideas.

The success of any thriller is all about landing the twist as a surprise or shock. But here is neither a shock nor a surprise. There is a moment of high when the scam is solved by the protagonist but it is for a very brief time. After that, the ending is again rushed.

The story if centered around the iPhone may have infused some novelty. But the thread is completely misused and ended up only as a promotional gimmick. Nenu Student Sir finally ends up as a disappointing thriller that is completely mishandled. Everything about the film, the core point, the love track, and the actual thriller part (except for a very brief time) is boring.

Overall, Nenu Student Sir came up with an intriguing point. But it acts as bait to a typical illogical commercial thriller eventually. Parts of this thriller are okay, but that’s it. Give it a try if you like the genre, but have very low expectations.

Avantika-Dasani-Nenu-Student-Sir-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors
Samuthirakhani is completely wasted with poor writing and hollow characterization. Sunil is there for the sake of having a known face and does not do much. Srikanth Iyengar is as usual a beaten-to-death formulaic character. There are several other small characters that are filled with Television or unknown actors who do not make any impact. The producer Satish Varma himself was seen in a cameo.

Music-Director-Mahati-Swara-SagarMusic and Other Departments?

As said earlier, Krishna Chaitanya’s script is nothing interesting beyond that iPhone concept which only helped the trailer and nothing about the film. The newcomer Rakhi failed to make an impression in his maiden outing. Anith Madhadi’s visuals are okay. A couple of camera angles in the second half are good. There are a couple of songs in the first half but they are forgettable. It is a good decision not to have songs in the second half. Mahathi Swara Sagar’s background score is good in some sequences of the second half but the proceedings do not deserve it. Chota K Prasad should have done a better job with the Editing, especially in the first half.

Interval Bang to some extent
BGM in the second half
A very small portion in the Pre-climax

Routine Story & Dull Narration
Boring Love Track
Failed Twist

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