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Nonstop Assault on the Senses



U/A, 1h 50m

What Is the Film About?

Kohinoor Kalyan (VJ Sunny) and Jilani Ramdas (Sapthagiri) are best friends running a Youtube channel, Unstoppable. Their mindless act leads to a considerable loss of money and forces them out of their homes.

After asking out multiple people, Kalyan and Jilani finally get the required amount to get out of trouble. However, a silly mistake puts them in far bigger danger than they could have imagined. What is the error, and how do they get out is the movie’s basic plot.


VJ Sunny and Sapthagiri play the lead in the movie. Among the two, VJ Sunny has the more heroic part, whereas Sapthagiri sticks to his strength of comedy.

Sunny looks good physically but is a hit-and-miss when it comes to the big dialogue delivery focusing on heroism. The romance, too, is barely passable. Sapthagiri is fine as usual, delivering the punches in his typical style. The lack of over-exposure works to his advantage as we see nothing new from him, but don’t mind the act.

Nakshatra and Aqsa Khan are the female leads in the movie. They don’t have a significant role in carrying the narrative forward storywise. But they come in handy in other ways for fun. Nakshatra works in parts as eye candy, whereas Aqsa Khan does well in action sequences. Apart from those bits and some comedy, there is nothing much to talk about.


Diamond Rathna Babu provides the story, screenplay, and dialogues besides directing the movie. Unstoppable comes with the caption Unlimited Fun, which seems to be the sole motto rather than having a proper story.

Right from the opening, the direction in which Unstoppable – Unlimited Fun is headed is clear. The objective only seems to be to entertain, come what may, with one gag followed by the other and endless quirky characters in the process.

The heroes’ names are already known, Kohinoor Kalyan and Jilani Ramdas; well, they are just the tip of the iceberg. We have Ilakatmaflia Baba, Balanagar Balakka, Gnanavel Raja, Honey Babu, Tyre, Thilakam and so on. If only the same effort had been put into the script that is kept on coming up with those names, the movie might have ended up better.

More than all these, the major issue is the gags themselves are not funny and primarily full of double entendres. They should have been avoided. The screenplay is messy, and the whole thing looks chaotic.

The fun is not silly and over the top, besides having the double entendres. The characters and various sub-threads keep popping up occasionally, which is why a sense of tiredness creeps soon despite the short run time. The interval stretch is a perfect example in this regard.

Things don’t change post-interval too. More characters and threads are introduced just for fun sake. Some of it, like the one involving Thilakam (Raja Raveendra), feels okay, but even it lacks the proper mixing in the narrative.

By the time one reaches the end, one simply doesn’t care about the proceedings. Everyone looks for it to be done with the whole thing as soon as possible. There is a twist in the tale towards the end, which is the biggest casualty due to all the nonsense that precedes it.

Overall, Unstoppable – Unlimited Fun is a nonstop assault on the senses in the name of fun. If one surrender to the low-brow ness, there are a few fun moments, but they are not enough. It ends up as a forgettable messy fare with no redemption value.

Performances by Others Actors

The movie is full of character actors we usually see in comedy flicks. Raja Raveendra easily stands out among the many due to his decent characterisation. Bittiri Satti follows him but gets irritating and repetitive soon. Posani Krishna Murali and Raghu Babu do their usual. Pruthvi, Shakala Shankar and Chammak Chandra are wasted. The rest appear in bits and pieces roles.

Music and Other Departments?

Bheema Ciciroleo provides utterly forgettable music. The background score feels better comparatively, but only because it can’t get any low further. A couple of music bits seem inspired by recent popular BGM’s. The cinematography adds to the tackiness, whereas the editing leaves a messy feel. The writing is low-brow with many double-meaning dialogues.


Thilakam Character

Some Comedy Bits

Short Duration



Messy And Chaotic Narrative

Double Meaning Dialogues

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