Sai Dharam Tej Pilla nuvvuleni JeevithamIn the audio launch event of ‘Pilla Nuvvuleni Jeevitham’, Allu Arjun’s speech seemed too overspoken. Speaking on Sai Dharam’s interest on pursuing film career, Bunny said that like Teja he too wasn’t much keen on studies. Acting is the best option for all those who are a failure at education. Many felt that these comments would send a wrong message to the people.

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Now wherever Sai Dharam Tej is going, he is facing one question; ‘Why everyone in your family coming into films? Don’t you know anything else?’ Even producer Dil Raju mentioned the same in his speech during the audio success event held in Vijayawada Wednesday evening. Though Dil Raju might have given an answer to amuse mega fans, the wrong message has already percolated into the masses.

It’s really necessary that celebrities should weigh their comments they make on public platforms. Just mouthing out whatever one feels at heart isn’t good anyway. Though formal education doesn’t decide inborn talent present in an individual, but education gives the confidence and boosts up one’s conscience to discover their talents. Everyone isn’t lucky enough to have a mega family to back up when they fail in studies. What say folks?

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