Fans protest over star going bald

With the advent of social media fans have found not only a way to interact with their favorite stars but also express their displeasure if any, as a whole. Recently we were privy to this in Telugu cinema itself when fans of a certain Superstar took to Twitter in a big way for days to convey their angst. Now a similar thing is happening in Bollywood where fans of a star are creating a stir online over their favorite actor going bald.

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The star in question is Shahid Kapoor, who was last seen in the box office success R..Rajkumar. The actor is currently acting in critically acclaimed director Vishal Bharadwaj’s Haider and it is for this film the actor has go bald reportedly. Now one of the biggest assets of the actor apart from his chocolate boy looks is his hair and naturally the fans have expressed their concern over the actor going bald. The actor however has decided to go ahead with what the director demands not caring for the fans sentiments. The result is for all to see now. Let’s hope the director extracts a memorable performance that makes people forget all these ‘hairy’ issues.