Is Jr NTR Regretting Mahanati Post-Release?Rumors are quite common as they are a form of speculating what to expect from a movie and what not to. The title ‘Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava’ left the audiences decoding the meaning of the title and trying to connect to an imaginary story.

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NTR’s team officially denied the rumors that the meaning of the Trivikram’s directorial was decoded. According to those rumors, Aravinda is the entertaining part and Veera Raghava is the fiery part and hence, those are NTR’s names in two phases of his life and for the latter, NTR is trying to get command over Rayalaseema dialect.

NTR’s team clarified that that is not the logic behind the title though it was a good try. Well, those who know Trivikram are certain that the title means something very intriguing and connected to the story. However, it’s not that easy to decode Trivikram’s titles beforehand. What say?

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