Koratala Siva Quitting Is Bad Timing?Koratala Siva is a sensible director and makes films that have a social cause in them. But things are not going his way as he has been stuck with Acharya for the last three years or so.

If this was not enough, his next film is with NTR and this has put him in even more pressure now. NTR is high on the success of RRR and was showcased in a powerful way as Bheem by Rajamouli.

Generally, when a star hero does his next film after working with Rajamouli, it isn’t easy to meet expectations. So fans of NTR are tense as to how Koratala is going to showcase NTR in his film.

This time, they want Koratala to let go of those social message and come up with a action and massy Mirchi type of hero characterization for NTR. So many comments are being passed by the fans on social media.

But sadly, a few months ago, Koratala quit social media due to the pressure from fans. This has made matters worse as he is not even available to take know what the fans want.

The shooting of this film will go on floors in June and fans expect a powerful NTR and not the one who gives lectures in the name of society. Will Koratala meet the expectations and give NTR one more hit, only time will tell.