Liger: Puri & VD Being Too Greedy?Puri Jagan has teamed up with Vijay Devarakonda for two films and one of them is Liger. The film is done with its shoot and will release on the 25th of August pan-India wide. Karan Johar produces it along with Charmee.

The film’s pre-release business has started and the makers are quoting a whopping 40 crores for Nizam and 15 crores for the Ceded area. These are exorbitant rates for the stature of Vijay Devarakonda.

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In a way, the makers have quoted prices which are generally given for tier one heroes in Telugu cinema. These prices are way too high for Vijay Devarakonda’s market and if anything goes wrong with the film, the market and fame for Vijay will come down crashing.

Also, it will affect the business of Puri-Vijay’s other project JGM which will go on floors soon. So, in the days to come, we need to see how much the pre release business of Liger will be closed for. As of now, both Puri and Vijay are getting a bit greedy.

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