Mahesh Babu's Decision Turns Perfect For Himself & ChiranjeeviRam Charan’s Siddha Teaser from Chiranjeevi’s Acharya is out earlier this week. Ram Charan is seen in two different getups – as a student of a Gurukul and a Naxal. While he looks good in the Naxal getup, the look of Siddha in the Gurukul looked very odd.

Interestingly, the Acharya team wanted Mahesh Babu for the role. Mahesh was initially inclined to do the film for Chiranjeevi but at the same time, he is not convinced if the character would suit him and finally said No. Only after ruling out the Mahesh Babu option, the team decided to go to the option of Ram Charan.

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It is a good decision for Mahesh Babu as well as the Acharya team. The look would have been definitely not suited Mahesh. That would do no good for Acharya as well. With Ram Charan, Acharya at least got the wow factor of the father and son acting together which would be a USP irrespective of anything.

For Mahesh Babu, it is not always easy to say No to Chiranjeevi. The Superstar always revealed that he has so much admiration for the Megastar. But then, the ability to say that ‘No’ made him what he is today.

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