Movie stardom a bitter pill to swallowMany people dream of making it big in cinemas and becoming a star, a known face and a loved one. This instant gratification is what lures everyone to movies and try out their luck. But only a select handful have the chance of becoming such a star and even more select are few who can sustain them in an industry where the fate of a star changes every Friday.

Uday Kiran the way he started was one of those few lucky ones. He tasted good success and had become an easily recognizable face at one of time. Once one is used to such status it’s very hard to come down to lower level. And when one is used to such celebrity status it feels like a land has slipped under your feet when the success suddenly eludes them. Very few people adjust to this change and those who can’t slip into a grey zone very soon. This zone has very side effects both physically and mentally, the latter especially being very dangerous.

Stardom or celebrity status is therefore a bitter pill because one has to be at a distance to it enjoy it. If one goes completely into the lifestyle associated with stardom it’s really difficult to come out of it and more often than not we hear about incidents like these.