It is known that Kalki 2898 is one of the costliest projects in Prabhas’s career, if not the costliest. So naturally, the stakes are exceptionally high on this film with huge theatrical valuation both domestically and internationally. So an ideal solo release is preferred.

However, in a jolt to Kalki 2898, the film is facing an issue in attaining large format screens in USA and this is due to the clash with Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.

Planet of Apes is also set for release on the 9th of May, the same day as Kalki and the Hollywood film has signed deals with IMAX and other large format screens for two weeks. This will result in Kalki not getting the desired scale release in large format screens, barring the premiere day – 8 May.

IMAX and large format screens make a significant contribution to a film’s revenue, particularly so for a spectacle film like Kalki which has huge stakes involved. Not having ideal scale release in these larger formats comes with box office complications and reevaluations.

So if Kalki decides to stick to May 9 slot, then it could be facing a relatively problematic situation in the USA due to the clash with the Hollywood biggie.