Samantha Fans to Nag: Where Were You?It has been quite some time since Naga Chaitanya and Samantha announced their divorce. But something or the other keeps coming up about their separation in the media and it becomes a hot topic.

As Nag was promoting Bangarraju with Bollywood media, he was asked about it time and again. But yesterday, news came out that Nagarjuna said in an interview that it was Samantha who wanted a divorce from Chay and not the other way around.

This became a hot topic on social media and Sam was being trolled brutally and she had to face a tough time. Well, this did not go well with Nagarjuna himself as she came out and cleared that the reposts going on are fake and there is no truth in it.

This tweet of Nagarjuna has received a lot of mixed reactions. Fans of Samantha have pounced on Nagarjuna and are asking him as to where he was when fans were trolling Samantha for asking for more alimony money for her divorce and also other rumors about her personal life and how she cheated Chay brutally in her relationship.

In all this, Chay has also been dragged and ardent fans of Samantha have started trolling him saying how can he be silent when so much is being said about his personal life. Some sharp comments like “Mee Varaku Vaste Gani Teleiyadu” are being made against the father and son now.

Also, there are a few fans who want Samantha to speak up and react to such rumors and make sure that no one talks about it anymore. But Samantha has done her bit and has spoken enough about the divorce.

But the topic does not seem to die as it is still fresh in the minds of many and everyone wants to know what made the couple split in the first place. Only the couple knows what happened between them.