Spelling issues for Maruthi

The entertainment world is filled with hits and misses and most of the times actors blame things like time-date or title of the movie for its downfall. Several struggling actors and actresses believe in the numerology of their names and change the spelling in order to have a better career. There are many examples of change in name as per their numerology in the southern film industry for success and the latest one to be added to this list is director Maruthi. The popular director, who is famous for his ‘boothu’ content small films, is about to work on his clean upcoming movie ‘Radha’ featuring actor Venkatesh.

We observed the alteration in the spelling of his name on the launch of the first look of ‘Radha’. The director’s name is now spelled as ‘Maruthee’, a result of numerology. According to him, the change will help him keep away the controversies.