Takkar-Censor-CertificateBack in the day, the Tollywood censor board was a menace. They used to be very strict about the vocabulary and scenes even for superstar films.

When Dhanalakshmi was the censor board head, she wrecked terror. The makers of Businessman had to mute many words and even blur out an entire song over her objection on skin show.

But gone are the days that the censor board is so considerate about vocabulary. Here’s an example of the same.

Siddharth’s new film, Takkar released the other day and there’s a clear overrule of the vocabulary in the same. The film is loaded with swear words.

In the opening exchanges itself, we hear the word “Errip*ka” multiple times. Siddharth’s character is targeted with this Telugu cuss word multiple times. While there are partial beeps for other cuss words like “Gud*ha” and others, the aforementioned word is heard repeatedly. There’s also a scene where a father calls his daughter “B*tch”.

If we have a look at this, then one can only wonder if the censor board is sleeping. Back then, censor certificates were furnished only after noted cuts and mutes are made. But now, a film with countless swear words is given a certificate.

What’s more shocking is that this Takkar film is given a U/A certificate. The logic behind giving a U/A certificate for a film loaded with cuss words is inexplicable