Talk: Pooja Hegde's Side Kick Role In BeastPooja Hegde is one of the sought after heroines in Telugu cinema. She pinned high hopes on her Tamil big-ticket release, Beast which released in theatres today. Sadly for Pooja and everyone involved, the film has opened to weak reviews in all quarters.

Coming to the point, there is now a talk that Pooja Hegde is restricted to a mere side kick role in the film. Those who have watched the film say one might even forget Pooja is a part of the film if it isn’t for the Arabic Kuthu song and a couple of very brief appearances.

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Notably, Pooja pinned her hopes on this film. She even attended the early morning benefit show of the film in Chennai today morning. But going by the common opinion, she has very little screentime in the film and she doesn’t have any prominence in the script either.

“Pooja even went to an early morning show of Beast. She even attended event in Hyderabad. All this after playing a side kick role in the film.

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We can only wonder what she saw in the script and more importantly her character in the film,” a Telugu Twitter user commented.