Veteran director says Rajamouli and Trivikram are genius
Veteran director Bapu part of the legendary duo Bapu-Ramana, says that among the directors today, Trivikram Srinivas and SS Rajamouli are genius. “One shouldn’t always live in the past and only recount its glory. Even today films are made with good values and sensibilities and among them these two directors’ stand out. Despite all the hurdles they face they aren’t bogged down and make the films the way they want”, said the director who last made Sri Ramarajyam with Balakrishna.

The director also reveals that he is a cinema buff and watches movies in tens even today. May be this could explain the director’s views on the current director and the difficulties they face. Because the more one sees the current the more one gets a chance to understand how difficult it is becoming to make a satisfying movie these days.