YSRCP and I-PAC Rushiraj Singh Company had everything prepared for Jagan’s early victory celebrations on May 15th at the 2nd floor of I-PAC’s office, if everything went as planned. However, an anti-wave hit Tadepalli Palace from the morning of polling, and by the end of the evening, it rolled in like a tsunami.

Arrangements made for Jagan’s arrival on the second floor of the I-PAC office in Benz Circle were halted. Leaders of I-PAC received information that Jagan would not be attending. The huge party planned for the entire I-PAC team on the 15th was also cancelled, in the event that YSRCP’s chances of winning were impacted.

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All employees of I-PAC were instructed to return their mobile phones, laptops, SIM cards, and pen drives provided to them by the company by tomorrow evening. It was made clear that this month’s salary or other benefits would be provided upon compliance.

The I-PAC team warned of disciplinary action against anyone who failed to return the provided gadgets, citing concerns about the masterminds and proponents of the fake campaigns they had orchestrated predicting a change in government.

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They feared that if the government changed, they could face repercussions for retaining data. Consequently, all benefits were suspended, and notices were issued to delete and clear data beforehand.

Reports indicate that Jagan Mohan Reddy, highly dissatisfied with the performance of the I-PAC Rishiraj Singh team, has withheld 50 crores promised in their packages.

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