Jagan-OTT-TollywoodThe other day, the Jagan government launched a new portal named First Day-First Show, which will let subscribers watch new theatrical releases from the comfort of their homes right on the day of their theatrical release.

The OTT platform is priced at Rs 99 monthly subscription and the government proudly announced new Telugu films can be watched right on the day of the release itself.

Following the announcement, there have been theories and arguments from the Telugu folk on social media that this will kill the Telugu theatrical market by denting theatrical revenues. They also opined that same-day OTT releases will see a surge in piracy.

But what needs to be primarily noted here is that any notable filmmaker wont let their film premiere on this OTT platform right on the day of theatrical release, particularly so in a crucial market like Andhra Pradesh.

A maker of even a half-decent film also won’t go for these. If they release the film on this OTT, it will automatically give an impression to the audience that they’ve left hopes on the theatrical run and this will further take away theatrical audience from their film. So, not many would be interested in this.

This can just boil down to be some hungama from Jagan but there is no reason for Tollywood to be worried about this OTT plan.