Janasena faces Challenge of Survival?A comment by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu sparked speculations about a Possible Alliance between TDP and Janasena. In a media Press Meet, Chandrababu questioned what problem Jagan has if TDP and Janasena contests together. This sparked debate if there is a sudden development in both the camps about a possible alliance.

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Janasena supporters are taken back and they are alleging that Chandrababu is trying to woo Pawan Kalyan once again and confuse the Voters. They are suspecting that Chandrababu is trying to confuse the voters by stamping TDP mark on Pawan Kalyan. A section of media will continue to look Pawan Kalyan as Pro-TDP even if he continues to bash TDP.

Already Jagan is trying his level best to portray TDP and Janasena as partners. If Pawan Kalyan cannot counter this two Propaganda, he will become politically irrelevant. Voters can not see him as an Independent force which will impact Janasena’s electoral prospects.

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With these feelers, the candidates of Janasena party will also be tempted to force the Janasenani for an alliance since their winning will become easy. So, it will be a challenge for Pawan Kalyan to counter this Propaganda in the coming days. This is definitely the Biggest Challenge in Pawan Kalyan’s Career so far.