Nara Lokesh Selfie StrategyNara Lokesh is on an Andhra Pradesh-wide mega walkathon – Yuvagalam. What’s he’s effectively doing on the same is also using social media to his advantage.

Since the start of the Padayatra, Lokesh has been sharing selfies pertaining to the development projects that were planned and executed in TDP’s regime. And at the same time, he has been sharing selfies in connection with the failures of the YCP government – like the highest fuel prices in the country and also the liquor mafia.

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The clever thing about these selfies is that they are highlighting TDP’s development activities while in power and also calling out the Jagan government over their failures. This is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Back in 2019, TDP won just 3 of the 52 MLA seats in Rayalaseema. Now, Lokesh is on Yatra in the same area, which is Jagan’s stronghold. Highlighting TDP’s efforts and winning projects in the very same area is a clever and effective move.

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There is a conception that the TDP didn’t fully exhibit and publicize their development activities while in power. With Lokesh’s new selfie program, the good deeds of the TDP government are coming to light. And also, Lokesh’s subtle trolls on Jagan government through these selfies are working like a charm.