There’s a famous saying that if you poke a cat to its threshold point, it will hit back like a Tiger. The same appears to be happening in the case of Jagan and the way he mistreated the Telugu film industry.

Earlier, when Nani commented about the atrociously low pricing system enforced by the AP government, there was a vehement attack on the film. There were restriction on seating arrangements and ticket pricing using the Covid as an excuse.

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There was an elaborate witch-hunt against Nani for raising a very valid point for the sake of the film industry. Several YCP leaders are publicly spoke against Nani and targeted him at a personal capacity.

Now, after the YCP tenure is drawing to a close and AP is heading for election, Nani has started to hit back at the YCP government as he shared a post in relation with JSP.

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Through his latest tweet, Nani wished the best to Nani for the coming election campaign in AP and spoke highly of the JSP chief. This could be a clear kickback at the YCP government for the untoward hate he faced during the time of Shyam Singha Roy’s release.