YS Jagan London Trip

AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy landed in London today along with his family as he is off on a family vacation to London, France, and Switzerland. Interestingly, an interesting tidbit from this trip is trending on social media now.

In a viral video, we see Jagan landing from a private plane, with luxury vehicles waiting to take him to his vacation home. The opposition recently alleged that crores are being spent on his family members’ private security in London.

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Incidentally, the YCP follower base is starting to hype up the private plane and the security arrangements that are in place for Jagan in London. This version is being extensively carried by the YCP group on social media.

If we roll back to a couple of years ago, the same supporter group said that film ticket prices must be locked at low prices for the common audience. There was a time when certain theaters were asked to screen films for Rs 10.

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But the very same supporter group is hyping up the private plane and security arrangements for Jagan in London which are costing a bomb.