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Boring Raja!


U/A, 2h 9m

What Is the Film About?

A spat between Bangarraju (Karthik Ratnam) and Somnaidu over a ‘Rangurayi’ (Coloured Stone) brings unexpected trouble. Somnaidu gets killed and Bangarraju is arrested on the charges of murder. Out on bail, Bangarraju vows to nab the real culprit in six days and that rest is all about how the events unfold.


Karthik Ratnam plays the protagonist, a mechanic who squeezes money from people without any mercy to fulfill a promise he made to his late mother. Karthik Ratnam made a decent impression with films like Care of Kancharapalem and Narappa. Changure Bangaru Raja revolves completely around him but then, his character lacks clarity and depth. We do not connect with the hero’s struggle to fulfill his mother’s dream or his tryst to find the culprit. Writing is the problem as a result, he could not deliver much. We can see that he is trying but the impact is not translated.


Satish Varma has written and directed Changure Bangaru Raja. A hero gets arrested for a murder and he is on a hunt for the real culprit is the subject of Changure Bangaru Raja. The director used the ‘Rangu Rallu’ (colored stones) hunt as a backdrop. But it is a cosmetic change. He narrated the story in three chapters from three different points of view.

The murder mystery is dealt with comedy. When you have a familiar subject, it is important to narrate it interestingly with quirky comedy and strong characterizations. But then, the writing is weak. Every scene sounds routine and outdated. We do not connect to any character. Further, it feels boring to see some artists in the same characters that we have been seeing for ages. The comedy should have quality written on it but that is not the case.

The initial hero-heroine love track does not work either. The comedy department (Satya’s portions) works here and there but is largely ineffective. At times, the comedy takes away the seriousness of the actual subject. The actual journey is derailed and the fun is not evoked. So, the purpose does not serve either way. The narration as three chapters also gives a repetitive feel. As a result, the movie also feels lengthy.

The twist of the murder mystery is also boring. The twist is not easy to guess but at the same time, does not excite even a bit when revealed. In fact, there is no attempt to show it as a suspense. The climax is again stretched with no purpose. Finally, Changure Bangaru Raja is an idea that fails due to a lack of novelty in the story and the way it is narrated and handled.

Performances by Others Actors

Changure Bangaru Raja’s cast includes some recognizable faces and some new faces. While Ravibabu, Satya, Ajay, and Amrutham Vasu (Sarvam) are the recognizable faces, the heroines and other artists are mostly new faces. Satya shined in parts. Ravibabu played the same comedy villain he is doing since Murari days. Amrutham fame Vasu is passable in a small character. Ajay as a police officer is routine as a character as well as a performer. Goldy Lissi as Constable Manga, Nitya Sri as Satya’s Love Interest, and Esther as Ravibabu’s love interest could not make much of an impact. There is a voiceover of Sunil for a dog. It invoked some fun in bits and pieces but does not work as a whole.

Music and Other Departments?

The writing and direction flaws are discussed already. In other technical departments, camera work by Sundar NC gets good marks. The background score by Krishna Saurabh feels good at places and as a whole, it is okay. There is a song that does not do much. Editing by Karthik Vunnava has so many issues, especially with the kind of narration. The production values are okay with the scale of the film. It is appreciable that Ravi Teja has thrown his weight behind a young team.


Comedy in a few parts


Routine Story & Repetitive scenes

Familiarity & Predictability

Weak Writing and Characterizations

Comedy that does not work

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