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Honest Message On Power Of Vote


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Sampoornesh-Babu-Martin-Luther-King-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Smile (Sampoornesh Babu) is a cobbler in Padamarapadu village. Along with his assistant Bata, he does various chores for the people in the place besides his usual work.

Why Smile’s name get change to Martin Luther King? How ‘King’ becomes the most valuable guy when the presidential election for the village happens is the movie’s basic plot.


Sampoornesh Babu fits the bill for the role of an ordinary guy. Unlike in the past, where Sampoornesh Babu played different versions of over-the-top with lots of spoof tones, we see him in a proper underdog role devoid of his usual eccentricities.

It takes time to take Sampoornesh seriously for the part of his past acts instantly flash in our minds. However, as the narrative progresses, he eases into the part and such feelings dissipate.

Sampoornesh is earnest and it works for the part ultimately. It makes up for the lack of intensity and rushed making at times. For what it’s worth, the part of Martin Luther King easily stands out in his career.

Sharanya Pradeep slips effortlessly into the righteous girl part who goes about doing her work. The chemistry required with the lead is somewhat missing, but the less screen time for the same helps. She also strains a bit in key dramatic moments. However, in the end, she serves the purpose as she fits the milieu.


Pooja Kolloru directs Martin Luther King. It is a remake of the Tamil movie Mandela which had Yogi Babu in the lead.

Martin Luther King‘s premise is simple involving the power of a vote. The setting in a village further adds a layer to it via the caste politics and various other factors that divide the people and indirectly deprive them of proper facilities. The opening block related to the toilet gives a glimpse into all these.

Keeping all the factors in mind, the narrative takes time in the setting of the village and its issues. The hero’s character is embedded neatly into it. However, the whole process takes a lot of time even though honestly done.

Care is taken to bring small changes to the remake and update the emotions in tune with the local sensibilities. Some trimming done as part of the process makes the narrative look rushed.

The brief segment placed to create a bond between the lead pair also doesn’t work. The slow pace makes the narrative lag at times. Still, the honesty shines and when the core related to the vote arrives at the interval point, one is hooked and looks forward to the second half.

The proceedings post-intermission properly blend the message the movie wants to convey and the underdog masala tropes. There is a sense of fulfillment when the ‘nobody’ starts to get the deserved respect.

However, after a point, again a sense of lag creeps in. The narrative feels like going on and on repetitively with the same emotions. It is only towards the final half an hour stretch that some momentum is built leading to a predictable but satisfactory end.

Overall, Martin Luther King is an honest and sincere attempt. It is lengthy and parts of it lag, but the universal message it conveys and its timeliness make it a decent watch.

Naresh-Martin-Luther-King-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors

Senior actor Naresh, and Venkatesh Maha (director of C/OKancherapalem) play the main roles in the movie apart from the head. Naresh who is dependable in this space delivers as expected. Venkatesh Maha seen in a full-fledged role is a surprise even though a bit raw at times.

The casting of the movie is good. Every actor even in small parts registers like the hero’s young friend or the senior president of the village or the actual villagers themselves.

Music and Other Departments?

Smaran Sai’s music is okay. It goes well with the movie’s flow fitting the mood well. The background score is superb in the same space but in parts. Some bits are superb, but a few add to the lethargy feeling. The cinematography takes a documentary kind of approach but is fine. The editing could have been better, though. A smooth flow is missing.




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Drags In Parts

Rushed At Times

Did I Enjoy It?

Yes, Mostly

Will You Recommend It?

Yes, But With Reservations

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