Mathu-Vadalara--Movie-Review--BOTTOM LINE
Satya’s One-Man Show


UA – 2 Hr 10 Minutes

Mathu-Vadalara--Movie-Review--What Is the Film About?
A Delivery boy is frustrated with his low-salary job and life, decides to cheat his Customers but falls in life-threatening trouble in the very first attempt. How things will change for him and his friends is the story about?

How Is Sri Simha’s Performance?
Sri Simha does a decent job in his maiden film. The role has two shades – first he is seen as a frustrated young man and later, he transforms into a confused and tensed young lad who finds himself in a crime for no reason. There is a tinge of amateurism in his act. That may be due to the lack of experience but it works for the role.

Mathu-Vadalara--Movie-Review--Direction by Ritesh Rana?
Ritesh Rana, the debutant director, picked a wafer-thin story and tried to weave suspense in it with a different narration. He also tried to make it special using modern filmmaking techniques.

It is good to see that he did not get into a serious mode like any other crime thriller and stuffed enough comedy in it. There are two brilliant comedy tracks – The Serial Track and the Track of Satya. The director ensured that both these tracks run parallel to the story from start to the end.

But the problem is that the story is too delicate to keep the proceedings engaging till the end. He goes wayward in the second half and loses the plot once the main twist is revealed. The movie should have been ended earlier after the twist is revealed but is dragged to let the audience out of the theaters bored.

Overall, Mathu Vadalara is comedian Satya’s show with clean comedy and in the rest, there are few appealing parts. If you are fine watching them, you may give it a try. Or else the movie is best suited for the digital watch.

Mathu-Vadalara--Movie-Review--Athuly Chandra and Others?
Athulya Chandra is not exactly the heroine but a female character in the movie who is fine in a little character. Naresh Agastya who forms the key to the movie’s story is good.

Comedian Satya is the heart of the film and as the makers say in the titles, it is like his re-introduction with spontaneous and quirky one-liners. The actor in the Serial track are good. Vennela Kishore, Brahmaji and Pawala Shyamala are good in whatever they are offered.

Mathu-Vadalara--Movie-Review--Music and Other Departments?
Kalabhairava makes a very good debut. His background score is superb and trendy. The camerawork is appealing in most parts but the camera angles in the Climax fight are weird. Editing is good in parts but some of the lengthy scenes should have been trimmed. The Production design is very effective and so is the writing.

Satya’s Comedy
Contemporary Subjects like COD Cheating and Indoor Drug Culture

Wafer-thin story
Second Half
Routine Twists
Dragged Climax

Mathu-Vadalara--Movie-Review--Alternative Take
Mathu Vadalara would make an excellent short film. Or with a bit of trimming, it would make a good digital watch.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, in parts

Will You Recommend It?
Yes, with reservations

Mathu Vadalara Review, Live Updates

Final Report:

Mathu Vadalara is comedian Satya’s show with a clean comedy and in the rest, there are few appealing parts. If all you are looking for some hilarious comedy in parts, you may give it a try. Or else the movie is best suited for digital watch. Review coming soon.

– Unnecessary Drag after the Twist is revealed and the movie ends on a fun note. Final report and review coming soon.

– Finally, a ‘Twist’ in the Pre-Climax leading upto the climax.

– Mathu Vadalara second half started with the three friends trying to erase the evidence in the Crime Scene.

First Half Report:

Mathu Vadalara First Half runs on a wafer-thin point which starts slow but gets interesting towards the interval. Comedy by Satya works big time. Let us see how the Second half pans out.

– Pawala Shyamala Shines and brings in the first twist and time for Interval. First half report shortly.

– So-far, Comedian Satya’s comedy working out well.

– Mathu Vadalara show started. Babu mohan (Sri Simha) and Naresh Agastya introduced as roomies. Yesudas (Comedian Satya) and Sri Simha working in the same office.

Mathu Vadalara US Premier live updates will begin soon, stay tuned.

Mathu Vadalara Cast & Crew Details :

Cast : Sri Simha, Naresh Agastya, Athulya Chandra, Vennela Kishore, Satya, Brahmaji.
Written & Directed by : Ritesh Rana
Banners : Mythri Movie Makers and Clap Entertainment.
Producers : Chiranjeevi(Cherry) and Hemalatha
Music : Kaala Bhairava
Editor : Karthika Srinivas
Lyrics : Rakendu Mouli
DOP : Suresh Sarangam
Production Designer : A.S. Prakash
Stunt Co-Ordinator : Shankar Uyyala
Creative Head : Thomas Jay
Co-Writer : Teja R
Choreographer : Yashwanth
Styling : Teja R
Line Producer : P.T.Giridhar Rao
Publicity Designs : The Ravengerz

Mathu Vadalara Trailer: