Mathu Vadalara Trailer After an impressive teaser, the theatrical trailer of Mathu Vadalara is out now. If the former aroused curiosity, the latter adds amusement and confusion to it.

The trailer continues the same tone of the teaser, despite revealing more. It is a good sign; however, the lack of clarity in what the core point is, could be a problem theatrically. We get many ideas based on what we see. To get a cohesive and engaging narrative out of that could be tricky.

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The fun and amusing aspect works in favour of Mathu Vadalara. The element of surprise could be its most significant weapon in hooking the audience. It is the USP right now to draw the viewer in. If the comedy and wackiness are in tune in a broader perspective, Mathu Vadalara could be an easy winner.

The young team have definitely come up with something different, no doubt. Mythri Movie Makers needs to be appreciated for backing the ‘Hatke’ content. They jointly produce the film with Chiranjeevi and Hemalatha.

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Check out the trailer below. Sri Simha, Naresh Agastya and Athulya Chandra plays critical lead roles. Vennela Kishore, Sathya and Brahmaji form the senior support. Ritesh Rana writes and directs the movie. The movie releases worldwide on December 25th.

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