Music Shop Murthy Movie Review

Sincere But Overdone


U/A, 2h 7m

ajay-gosh-music-shop-murthy-movie-reviewWhat Is the Film About?

Murthy (Ajay Ghosh) is a music shop owner in Vinukonda with a wife and two grown-up kids. The shop is a burden on the family as it yields no financial gains. However, Murthy is passionate about music and doesn’t let it go despite daily taunts from wife.

Murthy meets a young girl, Anjana and they immediately form a bond over their mutual liking for music. She inspired Murthy to become a DJ by following his passion. The movie’s story is about whether Murthy achieved the goal or not.


Music Shop Murthy is Ajay Ghosh’s one-man show. His journey is the movie and he does a neat job with it. The fact that the character is closer to the actor’s age helps to a large degree.

Ajay Ghosh goes about the proceedings in his usual way. However, at times he feels overdoing the goody-good act a bit. It makes the narrative needlessly syrupy, at times, as a result. He delivers in the emotional scenes and manages to pass off as being an old-age DJ without entirely looking ridiculous. Needless to say, as an actor, it is a memorable role for him as he gets a full-fledged lead part.

Chandini Chowdary plays a youngster who lives on her terms. The accent and body language feel too urban for the backdrop (Vinukonda), leaving that aside she is confident and plays a key role in delivering the message.

For Amani, this is a walk in the park. She has done similar roles in the past and does it again with the same conviction and emotion without losing a beat. Despite nothing unusual, she still stands out for the same reason.


Siva Paladugu writes and directs Music Shop Murthy. It is a feel-good underdog story where the protagonist rises and shines against all the odds. The difference here from other such genre films is the lead who is an aged guy.

Right from the opening we know where Music Shop Murthy is headed. The world establishment makes it clear and so does the narrative as it unfolds. And still, we don’t mind it or lose interest, and that’s because of the earnestness with which the proceedings happen.

There is sincerity in Murthy, and although overdone, it works eventually. Similarly, the scenarios and the drama he is entangled in feel relatable. But, more than anything it is the age factor added to the story that makes one root for the character.

Age should not make one lose interest in what they are passionate about – this theme and the situations centred on the DJ aspect help Music Shop Murthy escape being completely outdated.

The moments between Murthy and Anjana (played by Chandini Chowdhary) bring a little bit of freshness to the proceedings. The escalation of drama in the pre-interval and interval as a consequence makes it a decent half overall.

The problem for Music Shop Murthy lies in the second half. Even within a predictable tale, the fresh element seen in the first half is missing here as the narrative ticks all the genre-related clichés.

The feel-good factor turns into a fantasy of sorts, the way things happen to our good-at-heart guy. The struggle doesn’t register and neither does the victory. Things just go through the motions as they must conclude.

It is again at the pre-climax and climax portions when the final drama occurs, there is some emotional connection. The sentiments, however predictable and cliché, and contrived at places, still work and leave us with a sense of fulfilment. The end goal is achieved.

Overall, Music Shop Murthy is a routine, but passable underdog story – the kind which is a harmless watch. The neat message and relatability are an additional bonus. Watch it if you like feel-good dramas even if they follow an utterly clichéd path.

chandini-chowdary-music-shop-murthy-movie-reviewPerformances by Others Actors

Music Shop Murthy has a limited but decent casting of recognisable faces. Unfortunately, none barring Dayanandh Reddy have any worthwhile part. Dayanandh, for a change, gets a positive part which comes as a mild surprise as he is used to playing the opposite in such setups. Senior actor Bhanu Chander feels wasted playing an utterly one-dimensional part. The same is the case with Amit Sharma.

music-director-pavanMusic and Other Departments?

Pavan’s music is lacklustre for a film that is supposed to have music at its heart. The DJ bits are fine, but the regular songs are not up to the mark. The cinematography is below par if one looks at it from the big screen perspective. The editing is alright and so is the writing that works despite the utter routine content it dwells in.


Ajay Ghosh
Few Dialogues (Even Though Predictable)


Feels Rushed
Contrived Emotions At Places
Lack Of Memorable Music

Did I Enjoy It?

Yes, Few Parts

Will You Recommend It?

Yes, But With Reservations and to those who like underdog winning stories.

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