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Utterly Bland And Bores


U/A, 2h 5m

varun-sandesh-nindha--kandrakota-mystery-movie-reviewWhat Is the Film About?

Multiple people from different government fields (police, doctor, lawyer) and regular guys from Kandrakota are kidnapped and held as hostages in a secluded location. A mysterious person then starts questioning them regarding an old case related to Balaraju.

Who is the mysterious guy? The movie’s basic story is his relationship with Balaraju and what he wants to prove with the case.


Varun Sandesh returns to the big screen after a very long gap with a content-oriented subject. The choice is appreciated, but when it comes to the act, he is the same, albeit a little mellowed.

The good thing is the part suits Varun Sandesh. The accented dialogue delivery flows well without looking awkward and he goes about the proceedings without hampering it. Some controlled aggression towards the end is okay and overall he helps in moving the narrative forward.


Rajesh Jagannadham directs Nindha. It is a unique investigative drama cum thriller narrative adapted from the classic 12 Angry Men.

The movie opens on an intriguing note with the introduction of various characters held as hostages. Then there is the mysterious guy who starts to question them related to a case.

The non-linear screenplay here works to the movie’s advantage. What would have been a routine outing when told straightforwardly gets an intriguing feel, at least in parts due to it.

Coming to the basic idea, it is interesting and it’s been shot decently, but there is hardly any energy in the proceedings. The writing is the culprit here as one never feels completely engaged. It is only bits and pieces that momentarily give that vibe.

Also, as soon as the core case related to the rape and murder is introduced, the impact related to the narrative dilutes a bit. It feels more like a Kangaroo justice happening rather than a proper drama.

The pre-interval and interval revealing the background and backstory of the protagonist and establishing his emotional connection with the case also miss the mark entirely. It doesn’t generate the mood it tries very hard to do. The interval, therefore, leaves one with more doubts about the movie itself instead of the case and its findings.

The second half too starts on a very ordinary note. However, one can see slight improvement as the narrative becomes a little bit more focussed with the drama slowly coming to the fore. It is manipulative, but considering the lifeless happening before, it seems alright.

The real meat of the movie lies in the pre-climax and climax segments when we get closer to covering all the aspects related to the investigation.

The twist in the tale coming in the climax is neat, but it also opens up some plot holes if one were to start thinking logically. Still, all said and done, the climax lifts the proceedings undoubtedly. Could it have been handled better, yes for sure, but it is alright as it is too.

Overall, Nindha is a drama cum thriller where the drama is utterly boring and bland due to banal writing for the most part. The thriller aspect towards the far-end of the film is the only thing that remotely works.

shreya-rani-reddy-nindha--kandrakota-mystery-movie-reviewPerformances by Others Actors

Apart from Varun Sandesh, the movie has many actors playing supporting roles. It is a long list comprising names like Chatrapati Sekhar, Tanikella Bharani, Annie, Mime Madhu, Raj Kumar, Bhadram etc.

Anni has a small role, but she gets something to do to register. She is alright. Chatrapati Sekhar and Tanikella Bharani are reliable as usual. Bhadram brings some fun here and there with his typical quirks. The other smaller relatively unknown faces have also done a decent job. Siddharth Gollapudi, Mime Madhu etc belong to this category.

music-director-santhu-omkarMusic and Other Departments?

The background score and cinematography of the movie worked. Santhu Omkar handles the music and does a fine job with the BGM. But then there is a mismatch between the proceedings and the selection of BGM at many places. The songs, even though used as montages, feel unnecessary and drag the narrative. Rameez Naveeth does well as a cinematographer considering the low-budget movie with limited locations. The editing could have been better. The writing is a major undoing as far as lacking intensity is concerned.



Climax (to some extent)



Lackluster Narrative (Mainly First Half)

First Half

Boring Parts

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