Kid ”Napping” Comedy


U/A, 2h 13m

chaithanya-rao-paarijatha-parvam-movie-reviewWhat Is the Film About?

Chaitanya is a struggling director who goes from one producer to another in search of his debut. His story is liked by everyone but his choice of hero is unanimously rejected. It reaches a stage where one suggests that a film of choice can be made only if he produces it.

Meanwhile, Seenu (Sunil) is a wannabe actor struggling for a break. He works at a bar where he befriends Parvathy, a dancer.

How do these two unrelated stories combine? The movie’s core plot is if Chaitanya and Seenu fulfil their respective dreams.


Chaitanya Rao bears a natural struggling look and an associated frustration with it. They help in instant relatability with the character. A decent dialogue delivery and confidence further help the cause. He is alright overall in a lightweight part that just works on his presence and funny banter with the other supporting cast.

Sunil has been getting quirky supporting parts recently. The role in Paarijathaparvam is on the same lines, but not entirely convincingly fleshed out. Parts of it are okay, but the eventual impact is missing.

Shraddha Das has a decent part length-wise, but it isn’t impressive in any way. The way it progresses during the second half makes it look half-baked and clunky.


Santosh Kambhampati directs Paarijathaparvam. It bears a striking crime comedy template but features a different movie backdrop.

The first half of the movie involves two parallel tracks with a neat connection narratively between the two. However, when seen individually they offer nothing new and are utterly predictable.

The setup of a struggling actor moving from one producer to another, or that of a struggling actor working in a bar to make ends meet is hardly anything new. It makes the opening stretch a big bore sans the quirky connection between the two tracks.

Things get a little intriguing only towards the interval mark. It’s when the ‘producing’ angle is thrown into the mix. The real story begins when the kidnapping drama starts. The interval could have been better though as it looks clumsy. It’s the same case even if it was intentional as the execution still could have been better.

Post-interval is where the movie gains a little momentum. The confusing comedy and some silly moments work. There is some intermittent fun if one throws out all the logic.

A half-hour stretch is decent, but the narrative starts to lose the energy as the makers opt to make it unnecessarily convoluted a little bit. Multiple twists feel unwanted and start to bog down the proceedings.

After a point, it looks all clear where the proceedings are heading. The lack of surprise and predictable form further strips off the narrative from its silly fun.

The producer ending after all that has happened is far from satisfactory. The more clear comedy devoid of convoluted moments was necessary.

Overall, Paarijathaparvam is a routine crime comedy narrative that has its silly fun moments during the beginning of the second hour. However, they are few and far between and the predictable and erratic end leaves a lot to be desired.

shraddha-das-paarijatha-parvam-movie-reviewPerformances by Others Actors

Harsha gets a decent role as hero’s side kick. He is fine doing his usual but delivers. Srikanth Iyengar is the main guy during the second half and it’s his act and moments with Sameer that work. Sameer has a funny beginning to his character, but it’s not fully realised and turns routine soon.

music-director-reeMusic and Other Departments?

Ree provides a template score for the movie. There is hardly anything memorable. Technically the movie is weak with below par cinematography and art work. The editing is okay. The narrative feels smooth for a large part despite multiple characters and tracks. The writing is also subpar for the genre and setup.


Few Silly Fun Moments

Decent Cast


Too Silly Writing

Final Half-hour

Routine Plot


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