Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati Side B Review


More Pain, Mixed Connection



U/A, 2h 27m

What Is the Film About?

Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati Side B tracks the journey of Manu (Rakshit Shetty) after he comes out from jail ten years later. The world has moved on but did Manu?

The movie’s basic plot involves Manu trying to find purpose in life outside jail and his relationship with Priya as its direct result.


Rakshit Shetty has an emotionally heavy role in the second chapter of Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati. Even the lighter moments have an undercurrent seriousness to them. The actor does well as expected and delivers a strong performance that is sure to stand out in his career.

Multiple scenes and scenarios are present to highlight the drama and intensity of Rakshit Shetty. He goes through them naturally without going overboard. All in all the two parts, make it a memorable outing for the actor.

Rukmini Vasanth doesn’t have the same impact as first even though she is still vital to the proceedings. Everything revolves around her character, but it’s others who get all the action. It doesn’t mean Rukmini is left behind, though. She has the moments, but the impact of Side A is missing.

Chaitra J Achar, the new addition to the cast is good. She plays a character that could easily be passive or lack emotional connection in the proceedings. However, Chaitra manages to bring a vulnerability to the part that makes one feel for her fate. She makes simple conversations, even if it is routine for the trope, come alive and the victory of the actress.


Hemanth M Rao directs Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati Side B. It is the second part of the realistically mounted romantic drama.

Manu has come out of jail and things are not the same as it was before. Everyone has moved on and they ask the same from him. But, he is not able to do it and is always drawn to Priya and the beautiful memories they share.

What follows is Manu’s unrelenting quest to bring happiness to Priya ( and thereby to him in the end) without coming across her. He stalks her which brings to notice all the problems surrounding the family (of Priya).

The stalking aspect leads to the first and major hurdle concerning the movie. It leads to a disconnect immediately or after a point by its very obsessive nature. One can relate to the rest of the proceedings only if this is not an issue.

Once the stalking issue is out there is a relentless drama with the one side devoted love of Manu. He just wants Priya and her family to be happy and does all he can in his capacity to achieve it.

There is a lot of parallel with the first part here, making it (Side A) an essential watch. The first half sets up all the issues related to Priya’s family. The interval, therefore, only appears as a pause and things resume in the second half with Manu trying his best to solve all the problems.

After a point, the close friend of Manu gives up on him and lets things flow as they go after several warnings. It’s the same feeling with the audience as well. A lot seems repetitive, overdone, and overbearing, but one still follows if Manu’s character has that emotional connection. And there are many moments planted in the narrative to trigger those feelings.

Some parts, simultaneously appear repetitive and predictable. The entire track involving Manu and Somu are those segments. It comes off to be designed for the end.

The climax after all that happened also feels dragged and never-ending. A sense of convoluted narrative also creeps in despite moments of genuineness. As a result, despite so much pain and suffering of the lead protagonist, one doesn’t really connect with him this time as they did earlier.

Overall, Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati Side B offers more drama and emotions related to the central character. But, it is also more indulgent, tiring, and convoluted narratively. Give it a try, if you like realism-filled dramas, but have expectations in check.

Performances by Others Actors

Most of the actors reprising their roles from the first chapter are fine here as well irrespective of the length. Among the new additions, the one playing Priya’s husband is fine. The rest too are okay even if the roles are limited in length.

Music and Other Departments?

Charan Raj’s music remains soulful as it did in part one. Its mixture of soft rock with classical beats makes it irresistible even if the effect isn’t at the same level as nothing is new here.

The cinematography adds more grit to the proceedings with its realistic capture of the space. The additional dreamy bits add to the feel. The editing is okay. No doubt the movie feels lengthy, but it’s more to do with the story itself which is designed to be sprawling. The writing is adequate.







Dragged In Parts


Did I Enjoy It?

Yes, In Parts

Will You Recommend It?

Yes, But With Reservations

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