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Forgettable Marriage Trail


‘U’ Certified, 2h 16m

RK Sagar - Shaadi Mubarak Telugu Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Sunnipenta Madhav (RK Naidu) is an NRI who comes to Hyderabad to attend Pelli Chopulu. It’s not just one, but he has three. Assisting him in the process is a lady from a marriage bureau. Due to unexpected circumstances, she couldn’t make it and instead, Thupakula Bhanumati is sent.

The journey of Sunnipenta Madhav and Thupakula Bhanumati is what the movie is all about? How they fall in love, and what is the conflict they face?


Sagar RK Naidu is a known face, but from the world of Television. He previously did appear in a movie or two, but they were mostly supporting parts. Shaadi Mubarak has him playing the leading role.

Sagar RK Naidu looks a little aged for the part he plays in the movie. It mainly sticks out as the entire film revolves around the marriage aspect. It is was intentional so that it could generate additional humour, then it is clearly lost.

As far as any standout moment in performance is considered, there is none. Sagar breezes through the role in a causal way without much effort. It could be to look cool and effortless, but it doesn’t come across that way. In the few instances where it is required to ramp up the dramatisation, he isn’t convincing.

Director Padmasri - Shaadi Mubarak Telugu Movie ReviewDirection by Padmasri?

Padmasri directs Shaadi Mubarak. It is a simple, straightforward, and wafer-thin plot. It relies heavily on the fun (writing) and chemistry (performance) to pull through.

The beginning itself makes it clear where Shaadi Mubarak is headed. It is by now a very stale and old trope. But, we have seen a few biggies to take such a ‘stale’ route for the setup of the core story, but it is prepped up with modern and trendy making and content.

Shaadi Mubarak is also bang-on in that aspect as well. The setting, lingo, and characters are all ‘modern’ and urban. One gives the routine core plot establishment a pass looking forward to some engaging and entertaining narrative.

While the idea of the setup and generating fun is right, it doesn’t work as a whole in Shaadi Mubarak. The impact of the wafer-thin storyline shows up immediately as the comedy gets repetitive and predictable very soon. There are some good moments here and there, but they are few and far away. The screenplay turns formulaic quickly.

The first half is still bearable, accounting for some of the passable moments. The interval is okay. It doesn’t raise much hope on the second half, though.

As expected, the second half fails to add to the little momentum generated by the first. It is a one-way free-fall ride with predictability all over it. The different issues coming back as conflicts to take the narrative forwards make the proceedings tiresome as the end result is highly expected.

And the climax, which ties to the beginning, is the pinnacle of the lack of freshness. It can be seen at the start itself, and there is no attempt to tweak or presenting it in a non-cliché way at all.

Overall, Shaadi Mubarak has a few fun moments in the first half. It runs out of gas soon, and never refills it. The sheer predictability and formulaic approach in the second half make it a difficult watch until the end.

Drishya Raghunath - Shaadi Mubarak Telugu Movie Review Drishya and Others?

Drishya Raghunath playing the heroine, looks like two different persons all because of the costumes she wears. She is fair and looks alright in the ‘saree’ in the first half, but she seems like another personality wearing casual dresses. Performance-wise, she is livelier and seems ‘expressive’ besides the lead, but that’s it.

The entire film has minimal characters. Most of the film is between the two leads. Hema, Jhansi, and a few more senior supporting faces are seen, but they don’t have much of a role. Rahul Ramakrishna is better, but we have seen him do the same many times before. RJ Hemanth is wasted playing the same ‘bakra’ part again.

Music Drector Sunil Kashyap - Shaadi Mubarak Telugu Movie ReviewMusic and Other Departments?

Music by Sunil Kashyap is okay as standalone audio, but it adds to the narrative’s length. The required impact and feel are not generated at all by the songs or the background score. The cinematography by Srikanth Naroj could have been better, even if its for a small film. The editing is weak in parts. There is a chaotic feeling. The writing falters, and that’s the primary reason for the movie’s failure as the plot requires it to be nothing short of top-notch.

Rahul Ramakrishna - Shaadi Mubarak Telugu Movie ReviewHighlights?

Few Funny Moments

First Half


Routine Story

No Freshness

Second Half

Repetitive  Narrative

Hema - Drishya Raghunath - Shaadi Mubarak Telugu Movie ReviewAlternative Take

Films like these need better lead pair and writing. The changes in the story doesn’t matter unless one improves them.

Did I Enjoy It?


Will You Recommend It?


Shaadi Mubarak Telugu Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti

Shaadi Mubarak Telugu Movie Review Rating

— Shaadi Mubarak is heading towards the climax. Visit back for the detailed review and rating.

— Shaadi Mubarak second half started. Sunni Penta has got more trouble after attending multiple Pelli Choopulu.

— A small conflict in the plot. Interval. So-far, it’s alright with a few feel good scenes here and there in a typical template that offers nothing new.

– The never ending Pelli Choopulu episode is going on.

— Hero, heroine’s friendship/relationship is being established through a Pelli Choopulu concept.

— Shaadi Mubarak show started. Pelli Choopulu trails started for Madhav Sunnipenta (lead).

Preview: Shaadi Mubarak

In the given set up when a big producer is at the helm of things, a small film isn’t a small film because Dil Raju would surely ensure that everything is in place. ‘Shaadi Mubarak‘ is just a few moments away from the premiere watch and we’re eager to get you the first report, quickly.

The hero of the film RK Naidu is new to the film industry but not new to the Telugu audiences because he is a popular face on television because of ‘Chakravakam’ and ‘Mogilirekulu’. He is looking good on the screen and there would be no expectations on him. If the story works, he works here. As simple as that.

Drishya Raghunath is the female lead and she looked impressive in the trailer and apt for the role she was chosen for. Hope, her chemistry with the lead actor works and that would be the most important thing for a story like this to work.

For small movies like this, alongside a big hand like Dil Raju, what’s the most important thing is the music. ‘Ninna Jantaga’, ‘Krishna Nee Begane’ were decent and the pub song may work in the film. Not to forget director Padma Sri whose prowess is going to give the movie’s opening verdict.

Did Dil Raju’s decision to produce this ultra-small movie work? Will the small screen actor RK Naidu impress with his big-screen presence? Is there a surprise waiting for us in the form of the success of a small movie?

Stay tuned to us and we’ll be back with an interesting and genuine ‘Shaadi Mubarak’ review from the mirchi9 team. Stick around, folks!