Tiger 3

Shah Rukh Khan scored consecutive 500-crore net films in India with Pathaan and Jawan. An outdated actor like Sunny Deol also scored a 500-crore blockbuster with Gadar 2. So these films gave an impression that scoring a 500-crore blockbuster is a cakewalk.

But the recent debacle of Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 has given clarity that for a film to touch the 500-crore milestone is still not that easy. In reality, it is still very tough.

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Despite having a big production house, a huge budget, a fantastic star cast, superstar cameos, the much-hyped spy franchise, a festive season, and a free run, Tiger 3 will fail to collect 300 crores.

While a film with positive word of mouth can secure 400 crores in its initial 2 or 3 weeks, the challenge lies in accumulating the remaining 100 crores to touch the coveted 500-crore mark. This requires exceptional word of mouth and the support of a massive superstar.

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Dunki might join the list of 500-crore net films as Rajkumar Hirani is famous for making films that receive exceptional word of mouth and stars Shah Rukh Khan, the biggest superstar in the country right now. The deadly combination of exceptional word of mouth and Shah Rukh Khan’s star power could propel Dunki to become the next 500-crore film, ensuring long legs at the box office.

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