A.R. Rahman's iTune win! With the end of 2013 approaching, it is time for all the famous brands to release their end-of-year bests. Renowned popular brand Apple is no exception and has recently released its annual ‘Best-of’ list filled with songs from iTunes, laying out the best movies, books, TV shows, songs, and apps that came out in the past twelve months. Maryan, by internationally acclaimed Indian singer and composer A. R. Rahman, has been elected as the ‘Tamil Album of Year’ in iTunes’ ‘Best of 2013’ list.

As soon as Rahman got news about his album being chosen as the best Tamil album, he posted a tweet on the social networking website Twitter stating, “Thank you listeners for Maryan being chosen as the ‘Tamil Album of Year’ in iTunes’ Best of 2013.” The soundtrack features Dhanush and Parvathi Menon and was directed by well-known director Bharat Bala.