Bigg Boss Non StopRevenge is the key in the Bigg Boss house currently. Team Warriors and Team Challengers are trying to take revenge on one another by making silly points during the tasks. The captaincy task is currently in progress.

Dhammunte Chesi Choopinchu

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Dhamunte Chesi Choopinchu is the captaincy task in the house right now. Both the teams will have to challenge each other and perform tasks.

Wooden Log Dare

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In the task, the two teams will have to decide who can make a maximum round by carrying logs in their hands without any support. Warriors mentioned that they can do 19 rounds and Challengers revealed that they can do 20 rounds. The warriors have given it to Challengers, asking them to perform the dare.

Anil Rathod came forward to do the task and completed 20 rounds. However, Natraj master, the Sanchalak from team Warriors raised objections, saying that Anil took the support of his abdomen.

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Thus, he declared that they are the winners.

Challengers fume on Natraj

Natraj’s decision triggered the anger of the Warriors. They tried to argue with Natraj master but he decided to not change the decision.

Peel it to reveal it

The next dare is to peel the coconuts. Team Warriors mentioned that they can peel 5 coconuts in 15 minutes and the challengers asked the warriors to perform the dare.

Mahesh Vitta came forward to perform the task and successfully completed it. But, team challengers raised objections saying that they did not do it well.

However, warriors maintained silence and respected the decision of Challengers.

Warriors’ victory

Warriors got two points and won the task. Bigg Boss asked them to pick two names for captaincy.

They picked Tejaswi Madivada and Mahesh Vitta names for the captaincy.