Brand name of Satya won’t help Satya-2

The well known filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma who is known for his habit of making gangster films in the likes of Company and Sarkar and who will soon be releasing another crime thriller titled Satya 2 spoke candidly in a recent media interview. He spoke of how the films Satya and Satya 2 are completely different except for some thematic similarities and in his opinion; the brand name of Satya won’t help the latter in the least. In fact, RGV believes that sometimes trying to cash in on a brand name may actually turn out to be a baggage.

As for Satya 2, it is essentially the story of a man who gets off a train in 2013 unlike the original Satya which was influences by a 1998 Mumbai backdrop. In RGV’s opinion, the lead character of Satya 2 is exceptional and distinctive and also the strongest character he has ever created.