Mahesh BabuSuperstar Mahesh Babu had tweeted in favor of Mem Famous movie a couple of days ago. The producers of the film, Anurag and Sharath were working closely for the promotions of Mahesh Babu’s films.

They even made Adivi Sesh’s Major along with Mahesh’s GMB Banner. Mahesh tweeted good about the film obviously with an intention to help them. But the tweet evoked negative reactions as a section of netizens felt ‘Mem Famous’ is a too small film for the Superstar to promote.

Mem Famous released and the talk and reviews were not upto the mark. At this juncture, a section started propaganda that Mahesh Babu’s image took a beating after that ‘wrong review’.

But this analysis looks outright silly. Mahesh wanted to help a young team which is working for his films for a long time. We have seen celebrities launching teasers and trailers and singing praises despite poor content.

There are stars who watch films after release and give bytes to help in the promotions. Sometimes, they do that even without watching just to maintain relations or help in the promotions.

Nobody lost anything but only Mahesh Babu is losing his credibility, according to these people.

Mahesh Babu and his stardom is too big to get affected by a single tweet. If there is anything, we need to appreciate the fact that he stood by an young team who can not even get an appointment to meet star of his stature.

Forget if the movie is good or bad, it is an achievement to make a film with such young team. And Mahesh should be commended for standing by them.

And then, there is this conspiracy theory saying that the makers of #SSMB28 are releasing their Glimpse to divert the attention from Mem Famous fiasco. It is a usual practice for the makers of Mahesh Babu films to release some material on Superstar Krishna’s Birthday. #SSMB28 is no different.

Probably, these people will even say Krishna’s Birth decades ago was timed in a way to divert attention from Mem Famous fiasco.