A young and happening director is working with a Bollywood Superstar for an ambitious project.

The team is currently working on a small video glimpse to make the film announcement.

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There are suddenly rumors that the project got shelved due to creative differences. The news first appeared in a Hindi tabloid.

This has surprised the unit in Hyderabad because they were shooting for a portions that does not need the hero even when the news broke.

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There is a surprising theory about why such news may have surfaced.

This hero apparently arrives with a battalion of staff in Business Class and stays in Presidential Suites of Star Hotels.

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The flight, food, stay, and the staff costs are billing to about Several Lakh Rupees per day.

The director is known for spending money cautiously on the project and avoiding unnecessary wastages.

He feels the money should actually go into the betterment of the film and not to the expenses not seen on the screen.

The hero apparently arrived in Hyderabad with a plan of three days but the director wrapped up the entire hero’s shoot in one day and sent him back to avoid the wastage.

There are rumors if this ‘shelved’ rumors were planted by the hero’s team intentionally to give a minor shock to the makers.

Probably, it is a message that things work ‘Alag Thareeka’ in Bollywood and he should fall in line for the smooth travel.