Dil_RajuSuddenly there are rumors that the Vaarasudu Telugu version may not make it up for January 11th. The Tamil release date is already announced but there is no announcement about the Telugu release date fueling the speculations further.

The release cited for the delay is a content delay. This certainly sounds fishy and unbelievable because Dil Raju and Content Delays do not add up.

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Dil Raju has fifty films up his sleeve but never had this problem. A senior producer like him is well-versed in delivering content on time.

Even if we think it is happening for the first time since it is his debut Tamil film, it is still not believable because Vamshi Paidipally is a Telugu director.

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The dubbing delays are ruled out because Vijay is not dubbing the Telugu version and dubbing artists delaying the proceedings sounds silly. What is a better argument for saying the Tamil version is on time and the Telugu version is delayed?

If the delay is because of Thaman, the Tamil version should be impacted as well. There is no word about it now.

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If there is the slightest of doubts for him about the Content Delay, he would not have indulged himself in the release controversies. With all that happened so far, Dil Raju’s reputation as a producer and star distributor is at stake.

With Mythri defying Dil Raju and challenging by opening a distribution office in Nizam, a postponement is such a bad omen.

If the movie is postponed (which at this stage we do not know), it is definitely not because of content delays.