Director Drinking All NightIt is not uncommon for film personalities to get drunk. But if this affects their work, then there’s a problem.

Incidentally, there is this young debut director who is working for his maiden film and the title of the same was unveiled very recently and it gained the desired attention.

But the young director is troubling everyone with his drinking problem, it seems.

This debut director is sitting in the film office with his friends and boozing non stop till late in the night.

The producer too is feeling uncomfortable as the director is boozing alcohol in the film office itself.

What’s more worrisome is that this director is smelling foul even on the sets. As a result, the actors and crew members are also getting troubled with all the stink.

With the film in production phase, no one is speaking against the director and counselling him, as if he gets mentally hurt or distrusted now it will affect the whole project. So, the producer is also remaining silent for now.

The hero is someone who does not spare nonsense like this but he is also sparing since the film is turning out to be good.

But behaviour like this won’t bode well with the young director.