Lal Salaam Movie

Superstar Rajinikanth is one of the biggest names in all of Indian cinema. He delivered a Rs 500 crore worldwide grossing blockbuster with his last film Jailer, but the situation of his next film is pitiful to say the least.

Rajini will next be seen in Lal Salaam which is releasing in Tamil and Telugu tomorrow, 9th February, but the state of the film is such that not many people know that it is even releasing.

The trailer dropped the other day and it too went unnoticed. The makers settled with a single event in Chennai and didn’t bother about the Telugu promotions leg.

Even if there are no promotions, Rajini’s name itself should be enough to gain traction for a film. But that isn’t happening with Lal Salaam. Let alone the release of the film, not many Telugu people even know that Rajini did one such film.

With Rajini’s daughter Aishwarya directing the film, there was no director-wise hype for the film that we saw we with Jailer which was directed by Nelson. There was zero anticipation on the film from day 1 and the same is reflected in the case of disaster opening.

Lal Salaam will be getting off to negligible openings in the Telugu states and the situation is downright bad in Tamil as well. After delivering a 500 crore film, Rajini delivering such a bad opener is not expected.