Hari_Hara_Veera_Mallu_Pawan_Kalyan_KrishHari Hara Veera Mallu, the costliest project in Pawan Kalyan’s career has been in the making for a really long time now. The project was stalled for close to 2 years after Covid onset. Pawan finally resumed shooting for Hari Hara Veera Mallu recently.

Even after the resumption, things aren’t going quite smoothly for the project. Part of the reason is Pawan’s political commitments. The other reason is that there are a few creative differences between Pawan and Krish.

The talk in Film Nagar is that Pawan had suggested a few changes in the second half. This was during the lockdown. However, Krish did not fully incorporate the changes suggested by Pawan and made only cosmetic modifications.

Once the shoot resumed, Pawan came to know that Krish hadn’t fully incorporated the changes he suggested. He has now decided to stall the shoot till Krish does the needful. Krish, who planned to wrap up the project at the earliest is now facing a tricky situation as it is taking forever to complete the project. He is not convinced with the changes suggested by Pawan either.

Due to the differences between Pawan and Krish, the shoot is halted and sadly, the producer is having to pay the price as the production costs keep piling up.