Prabhas Marrying Payal Rajput

Since earlier in the morning, there’s an interesting discussion about Prabhas and Payal Rajput. For those wondering how we could put these two names in a sentence and add marriage to the equation, here’s how.

Earlier, Prabhas shared a post in the morning as he said someone special from his life is to be introduced soon. This gave an implication that his marriage announcement is on the way.

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Incidentally, this is where a file post from two days ago of Payal Rajpu which read “I will be a darling for someone.” And then there’s a file interview where Payal spoke very highly of Prabhas and said how she likes to serve food for him.

These two are now being linked to generate social media heat on the projected marriage track between Prabhas and Payal. They are saying Prabhas and Payal are in love and their marriage announcement is on the way.

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But the real fact is that the news about Prabhas is going to entirely revolve around his upcoming film Kalki. The update he posted on his Insta story has something to do with the heroine introduction plot for Kalki. It has absolutely nothing to do with the personal life of Prabhas.

So for now, the best thing to do is stay silent and wait for the update on Kalki, as hinted in Prabhas’s Instagram story instead of drawing theories on his marriage.

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