Film unit shocked at Lakshmi Rai appearance
Getting into the skin of the character and changing looks for the same is nothing new for actors all over. While in Telugu cinema its limited to the hair styles, beard and six packs in Tamil cinema it becomes a lot more physical. One can see actor completely transform into a new being for the role. Take for example Surya who was seen as a hunchback or Arya playing an Aghori, where the actors were completely unrecognizable.

Now something similar in terms of transformation in physical looks has been done by heroine Lakshmi Rai. The actress has reportedly lost around 15 Kgs for a role in the film called Irumbu Kuthirai, where she plays a biker. So much had the looks of the actress changed due to the weight lost, she tells jokingly that few of her crew men couldn’t recognize her at sets and asked director why they have taken a new heroine in place of Lakshmi Rai. Upon coming to know that she was indeed Lakshmi Rai, they were left shocked. Let’s hope that all the weight lost is worth the effort.