Heroine Leaves Hero

This film’s release is around the corner. The hero is known for aggressively promoting his films. And the film has a heroine who rose to fame in Telugu with a single film. The heroine was supposed to add value to the film. We do not know about it but she is troubling the makers without giving dates for promotions.

The hero started the film promotions but the heroine is not giving dates. They initially planned a common interview with Anchor Suma but the heroine did not turn up at the last minute. They had to shoot the interview without her.

But then, it is a love story and it does not make sense to promote without the heroine.

As a result, the hero also stopped the promotions and went back to shooting his other movie. It is going to be a ten-day schedule.

The promotions will begin only when the heroine gives a definite number of dates.

The producers are left high and dry because it is a film that needs promotions.