Prabhas_Billa_Re_Release_FansThe trend of re-releases has caught on big time in Tollywood. The recent re-release of Pokiri 4k, Jalsa 4k, and Chenna Keshava Reddy are some examples. These films received a thunderous response from the audience because of their cult following.

Now Prabhas films are getting re-released on the occasion of his birthday. Billa, Varsham, and Rebel are some of the films that are being released to celebrate Prabhas’ stardom.

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But the response has been disheartening with poor bookings. The reason being there is no loyal fan base for Prabhas like Mega or Nandamuri family. Also, the lack of cult films in Prabhas’s career prior to Baahubali is also one of the reasons. Except for Chatrapati to some extent, none of his films have aged well over the years.

The positive response to Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan, and Balakrishna’s films was because their cult fanbase developed over the years because of the many memorable films.

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Also, this generation of audience, who have watched those films only on TV or mobiles, wanted to experience the euphoria of those cult films in theaters.

Poor planning is also being cited as one of the reasons for the dismal response to the re-releases of Prabhas. That high among fans is also missing because lame films like Rebel and Billa are being re-released which were disasters.

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Baahubali cannot be re-released as it is a recent film and most of this generation’s audience has watched the film in theaters.

So Prabhas has to plan his career carefully from here so that he leaves a legacy behind with some cult films that will be celebrated by generations to come.