NTR Cares A Damn About Fans' FeelingYoung Tiger NTR has spent around four years of his prime on Rajamouli’s RRR. Even after finishing RRR, he is yet to move on to his next project while Charan already did. Fans are very worried about wasting the prime.

That is mainly because it is a multi-starer project and that too is in the direction of Rajamouli. Obviously, NTR will not get the credit for the success. M9.news mentioned it to Tarak in an interview.

“What is this prime time? Are you referring to age or form? Both are immaterial. Thatha garu is like 60+ when he did ‘Aaku Chaatu Pindhe Thadiche’. There is no age or prime for an actor, I believe,” he said.

Fans are worried about this answer. It is obvious that the actor is not understanding the importance of making use of his prime time nor respecting the views of fans in this issue.

While Tarak is partially correct, it should be mentioned how NTR in those days used to do multiple projects in a year. It’s that the legendary has used his prime to the fullest and continued to do so even in his old age. They are two different scenarios.

Meanwhile, Rajamouli answered the question differently. “Fans are going to watch the movie in a few days. I believe they will not feel the time has been wasted,” the ace director said.