Kamal Haasan Indian 2

Today, Kamal Haasan, Siddharth, and director Shankar spoke to the media about their pan-Indian film Indian 2.

In a previous interview, Kamal Haasan mentioned that he accepted to do Indian 2 mainly because of his interest in Indian 3. He expressed his excitement for Indian 3, saying he liked it so much that he was already anxious about the six-month wait for it.

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This comment led to speculation that Kamal Haasan didn’t like Indian 2 and was only interested in Indian 3.

Today, Kamal Haasan clarified his statement. He explained that he likes Indian 3 more but that doesn’t mean he dislikes Indian 2.

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Kamal Haasan explained that he is very excited about Indian 3 because of its unique elements. He compared it to a meal where you enjoy sambhar (Indian) and rasam (Indian 2) but look forward more to the dessert, payasam. This is the same situation with Indian 2 and Indian 3.

He emphasized that Indian 2 needs to be successful to pave the way for Indian 3. Fans and netizens are curious as Kamal Haasan hypes up Indian 3 even before the release of Indian 2.

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