Kamal surprised with people asking about Shruti

Kamal Haasan is one man who never shies away with saying what he wants to and never bucks out no matter what the situation. Recently the actor said that he was surprised when people were asking him whether he was worried over his daughter’s safety. The actor says, why wouldn’t a father be worried about the safety of his daughter, it’s his primary concern and adds that he was surprised that people were asking such questions to him. He said that he is a relieved man now that the stalker is behind the bars but insisted that the daughter must be careful.

Kamal Haasan also once again took this opportunity to reiterate his earlier statement that was against capital punishment. He said that he was still against the capital punishment and that this incident happened to his daughter doesn’t change his thinking. The women must be strong and a sense of equality must be ingrained into their mindset right from the root level at the family and only this would help in women empowerment and reduction of crimes against women, the actor concluded.